Lettering Policy

There are 3 ways to letter in track and field at SME

1) An athlete must score points in at least 3 big Varsity meets (with 4+ schools.)

2) An athlete scores points at the Varsity League Meet, Regionals, or qualify for the State Team.

3) Be an active member in good standing, who has been out for four years, finished the season all four years and contributed positively to the team.  We  are no longer automatically lettering members who have been out for four years.  All four year seniors will be eligible to receive a Varsity letter, but it will be the coaches discretion.

JV numerals will be given to athletes that finish the season, are in good standing,  participated in all meets (unless excused), placed highly in JV meets and attended some Varsity meets, yet not qualifing for a Letter.mobile rpg gamesнедорогое продвижение сайта

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