200 Meter Race Strategy

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While the 200m is often described as an all out sprint there is some strategy as to how one should run the race.

  • 0-40 meters is free energy.  You have 4-6 seconds of ATP as an energy source before your body switches to another source.  Its free so use it.  So explode out of the blocks, driving your arms in opposite directions, driving out at 45 degree angle off the blocks.
  • 40 to 85 meters you are on cruise control, not accelerating, but not letting off the gas either.  Lean into the curve and hug the line.  MAINTAINING SPEED.
  • 85-110 meters hug the curve.  Come off the curve with hips tall, chest up to allow the centrifuge effect work and sling you off the curve.
  • Last 90 meters must maintain your form.  Good technique with big arm swings which will allow your legs to get full rotation and keep you from chopping your steps when lactic acid takes over.

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