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STATE bound athletes have practice Tues and Wed at 11:00. Thurs at there! Bus leaves at 6:00 am Fri.
See schedule below for times of events at STATE.
STATE TEAM dinner Wed evening at 5:30 at Pennington's see flier
Starting in June we will have summer training on Tues and Thurs at 5:00

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SME Boy’s STATE TRACK MEET History through 2015

Boys State Meet Track History2015 Sheet1быстрый займ через контакттанзани¤ заповедник нгоронгороалтеза танзани¤турагентсво килиманджаротуры в тайланд в маекредитная карта платинум альфа банк ... [+]

SME Girl’s STATE TRACK MEET History through 2015

Girls State Track Meet History SME 2015 Sheet1виртуальная кредитная карта яндекскогда в танзании сезон дождейвзять деньги в долг в тольяттимай тур ... [+]


Stateоформить кредитку в приватбанкевзять деньги в долг барнаулпоездка на озера натрон в танзанииденьги в долг под расписку одессакак оплачивать кредитную карту ... [+]

Dick Gilbert Award Winner

Will Moore was awarded the Dick Gilbert award at the Banquet last week. Congrats Will on winning the top track ... [+]

Congrats to the Chuck Sulzen award winners:

The Chuck Sulzen Scholarships were awarded to Will Moore and George Miller. They each will receive $1,000 toward their education. ... [+]

STATE Schedule

TimeScheduleсрочно нужны деньги в долгкилиманджаро тур лемошозаявление на получение кредита в банке образецбыстрый займ на карту сбербанка онлайнтрекинг на килиманджаро отзывыоб ... [+]

Regional Results 5/22/15

regionals 2015быстрые деньги до зарплаты в украинекилиманджаро восхождение категори¤ сложностиденьги в долг 15000 рубтур сафари танзании сайтпутевки май 2015 ценывиртуальная банковская ... [+]

Congrats to the 22 athletes who qualified for STATE

Tess Iler 4x400 Kaycee Mayfield 100, 200, 4x100, 4x400 Hope Dunn 4x400 Phoebe Aguiar 800 4x400 Theresa McAlister 4x400 Katie MacAdam 4x100 Sarah Rankin 4x100 Jessie Stindt 4x100 ... [+]

SME Track and Field

SME Track and Field 2014

Static Stretching AFTER Workouts

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Pyramid… See Awards and Honors Tab

Coaches Blogs

Be a part of something great: SME RELAY TEAMS

To be a relay team member you have to be willing to run through the pain.  You must be able to ... [+]

JV meets…What you Need to KNOW

JV athletes will sign up for the events they want to compete in the day before the meet.  They can compete ... [+]


Expectations, we all have them, students, athletes, parents and coaches.  Some athletes have grand expectations, while some are less grandiose.  Can ... [+]

Myths About Women and Weight Training

Myths About Women and Weight Training   Myth #1:  Men and women should train differently in the weight room. The musculoskeletal system of men ... [+]

Reasons Not to Stretch from NYT (Shared by Coach Stallard)

APRIL 3, 2013, 12:01 AM Reasons Not to Stretch By GRETCHEN REYNOLDS Most of us grew up hearing that we should warm up with ... [+]

How do you compare?

If you wondering how you stack up against kids on our team, kids from other schools or kids from across the ... [+]

It’s all about numbers….

In track and field there are a lot of numbers to keep track of. If you are into this sport ... [+]

Where are your sweats???

Why do we request that you wear sweats until the temp is 80 degrees outside? Several and probably the ... [+]

How Time Trials Work

Time Trials Most of the time trials will take place this week.  We encourage ALL new members to compete in ALL the ... [+]

How this crazy state thing works…

Because Kansas takes great pride in their state track and field meet, they host all 6 classes at one location.  Yes, ... [+]

200 Meter Race Strategy

While the 200m is often described as an all out sprint there is some strategy as to how one should run ... [+]

400 Meter Race Strategy

The 400m "dash" is a race that requires guts.  There will be a point in the 400m when you will have ... [+]

100m…what you need to know!

Here is the breakdown of a 100m dash. 1% of the 100m is the reaction time 5% of the 100m is clearing the ... [+]

Preparation for Meets

The purpose of this article is to inform the novice, as well as the experienced track athlete how to prepare for ... [+]

Track a “NO-CUT-TEAM”

What other team at SME can you be a part of and not worry about being cut? There are only a ... [+]

PRs…Who Needs Them?

PR…personal records…who needs them? I mean come on, they are just numbers right? How is an athlete supposed to remember them ... [+]


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